The Rumble in Ramona was like a time warp with the contest format, the skaters and the general vibe of the event. Definitely an event to be remembered.
Thrasher has got the FOOTAGE as well as a full WEB ARTICLE. And Concrete Disciples has their always interesting COVERAGE & PHOTOS.

Rocket to Ramona pic:mrz

Highest Air to Fakie – Darren Navarrette
Longest Stalled Invert – Omar Hassan
Blender Award – Jeff Grosso
Schroeder Award – Ben Schroeder
Coolest Slam – Al Partanen
Highest Air – Hosoi
Coolest over Channel – Dan Tag
Hottest Lip Trick – Remy Stratton, Front Board
Tex Gibson Award - Ben Rayborn, BoneDrecht
Losi Award, Lester Kasai
Plant Your Foot – Mark “Monk” Hubbard
Miller Time Award – Max Schaaf
Why Were You Here? – Peter Hewitt
All-Around Ripper – Ben Rayborn

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