LINCOLN UEDA: Hosoi Skates' Newest Rider

Hosoi Skates is proud to announce the addition of
Brazilian high flyer Lincoln Ueda to the line up

pic:Avery Davis


run_chocolate said...

yeah !!!!!!!!!!!

Morris said...

I love to watch Lincoln skate. His aerial attack is 2nd to none - just jaw dropping amazing.

Nikoli said...

How does he generate that speed and height? He always looks so relaxed. A great addition to the team no doubt!

Stevie Caballero said...

Lincoln rocks, so stoked to see him on your team my brother!
Praise God for that, what a blessing:)
grace and peace,

Magaldi said...

OMG!!! this is really awesome!
I'm really happy for him! Lincoln must be totally thrilled!
Where do I get one of those?!?!?!?!